Frequently Asked Questions

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Central Kentucky Gun Range Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What will I need to do when I come in to use the range?

Q. I have my own firearm how do I transport it into the range?

Q. Can I bring my own ammo?

Q. What is a maximum distance of the range?

Q. Are rifles allowed at the range?

Q. Are shotguns allowed on the range?

Q. How do you ensure safety on the range?

Q. Are memberships required to use the range?

Q. If I am not a Kentucky resident, am I still able to shoot at your range?

Q. May I bring my own targets to shoot there?

Q. How old do children have to be to shoot at your range?

Q. Do you give law enforcement and military discounts?

Q. Do you take trade-ins on firearms?

Q. If I am looking for a specific firearm can you all order it for me?

Q. Does your range support physically handicapped shooters?

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